Stefano Marolla

Stefano Marolla was born in Rome, where he works as an ebonist and a restorer of furniture and wooden crafts.

As a young man, he started working in his uncle’s carpenter’s shop, where he developed his passion for the restoration and creation of works in wood. In the meanwhile, he studied physics at the University of Roma.

He has been working for many years in the sector of furniture creation and restoration,drawing

and constructing on commission artefacts for private and public institutions such as: Galleria Nazionale di Arte Moderna, Museo Galleria Borghese, Museo Andersen, Museo Villa Poniatowski, Museo Villa Boncompagni, Chiesa di S. Sisto e Convento di S. Sisto in Rome, Chiesa di S.Paul, Chiesa di S. Maria in Trastevere, American Academy, German Academy, Villa Aurelia, Confidustria, Confcommercio, CONI for Casa Italia furniture for the 2016 Oliympic games etc.

After a long period of research, he fine-tuned a particular, new and complex technique to curve wood. It permits the bending of laminated veneered wood of big dimensions using essentially steam and liquid nitrogen, creating complex shapes with negative bend angles that sometimes are used as opening handles, without the use of moulds, thus creating unique pieces. 

This technique permits to exalt the beauty of the wood’s character and, to the forms created with the bent laminate, are added more traditional techniques according to different needs, in many cases it has been used the “honeycomb” technique for the making of most of the furniture, ensuing the artefacts as light and easily transportable. 


Revolutionary Designer


The formal research in the last years has been concentrated on the creation of furniture of cultural appearance and organic shapes taking as inspiration the classical themes encountered in the days as a restorer, in the sculptures and the furnishings, reinterpreting the functional pieces like the “drape”, ”spiral”, ”torso” and such.